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Wookiee Chaser’s 10K – Day 2

Star Wars 10K – Darth Vader


Darth Matsui

3:15am – What on god’s green earth is going off and why so God Damn early! I roll over and look at my phone its blinding bright with a note saying, ‘Get up Sucka you got miles to log!’ I roll over and stare at the ceiling trying to conjure up why I keep doing this to myself and I remember, ‘For the Love Of  Running!’ I get up, and drag my butt to the bathroom and change. I grab my energy drink my ‘NEW YORK’ Bagel and peanut butter cup and head out. I get out to the buses and I see a long line.. and all I could think to myself is crap.. I hope they aren’t sending one bus at a time.. and sure enough that is exactly what they were doing. But, I think someone had to have said something because within 10 mins 2 double busses showed up and we were off…

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So, about that 8 mile half!

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 1.17.15 AMSo I wanted to address something that has been really really kinda getting under my skin with the running community and the people… Last year, I ran a half marathon, well a half marathon that turned into 8 miles because some dopes ( the race directors ) didn’t hire the right people to direct people on the turn around. The course is very…. well shitty! It always has been. Its a confusing course if you dont pay attention and dont study the map the night before you will get lost..

At the start of the race I just wasn’t feeling it.. I wasn’t in the mood to put forth the effort to complete it. I was not feeling well. I ended up only coming out because my friends and team were there… or I should say that some, not all friends were there. We went around the course and they directed us to the right vs the left when it came to the turn around. by this time we were in a grove to just finish it and get it done…Need Mind you It wasn’t just myself and my friend but it was a whole group of people.. They had Directed us to the finish line. We all.. all like 10 – 20 of us were like what the hell…. Could we of stopped, back tracked, and finish the race in its whole entirety?. Of Course. But we didn’t! Cus honestly, we cared but didn’t. Actually we were more upset about what happened more than anything.. But, It wasn’t a marathon qualifying race.. it wasn’t a BQ race. We were covered in mud from our backsides down, Porta Potties were disgusting and never cleaned out, and we were just honestly done.

Now in recent weeks this race has reared its little head again. People that are supposed to be “pillars of the Running community” the type of people that are gone to, to seek guidance and some people that you thought were your friends. Making a big deal out of this like its the end of the darn world… I got news for you honey… it’s not…. Running is not my life… It is just a part of it. and I don’t influence others to follow me.. They are grown enough to figure that out for themselves. WE honestly could of finished that race if we really wanted too. but when it was all said and done.. WE JOKED ABOUT IT! the whole dang time. We even made meme’s about it. So please, get over yourself.

For the record after that race, I completed 5 other halfs, a 10 miler, and a damn Marathon.. What the hell is one race! Get over yourself…. You are not Meb, you are not Flanagan, and you are not an elite runner..  Learn To run for yourself, for your health, for accomplishments, and set your goals…. Don’t cast down negativity, sharpness, and what you think is your entitlement.. Because in the end, I am laughing at you, blocking you from my happy bubble, and living my life drama free. Cus if I wanted drama in my life General Hospital is a great place to start.  I am 36… I am not in high school.  I don’t answer to you, i answer to myself! I compeated my whole childhood all the way through college..And at 36 there is no more competing, just living… you could learn a lot from this dummy.

PS: Im a pretty approachable person, so if you have issues with shit… Call, Text, Email, FB, or what ever. Other than that… Don’t waste my time with your childish antics!

:::: Rant Over ::::

Run Disney’s – Tower Of Terror 10 Miler Weekend

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.38.55 PM     This was my first 10 miler that I ever did and now I am jealous of the Glow in the dark 5K Medal they have this year! HA! This race is epic and I love the fact that it starts at 10pm and the parks are open until 4am.. The only thing that stinks about this is it’s still BLAZING HOT in Florida during this race. But it was SO MUCH FUN!! I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again.. RUN DISNEY if you haven’t this is by far some of the funniest races I have ever done!!