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You think this song is about you! Don’t you?

IMG_6228So, I’ve made my quota for my Team For Kids Fundraiser and I was really excited about the love I recieved from my Run Club, complete Strangers, certain family members. Leading up to my decision to do a fundraiser  I was pretty much nervous to do this.. But I had thought long and hard about it and gave it a go.  During this time, I have had some negative feedback about doing a fundraiser to run the NYC Marathon. It’s cool that you have your own feelings about “earning” your spot and people “earning” yadda yadda yadda.. I earned mine too, I earned it for a great cause. Something I believe in, as every year more and more activities are being taken away from our youth; especially PE Classes and sports in general. I grew up playing all sorts of sports, and I always enjoyed my PE classes.  But what I currently don’t love, is the people that I thought I could count on’s comments. So what I have done because of this, is pull myself from social media ( facebook ). Because of the stuff I read, or even heard from others really upset me and put me in a place that I try not to go.  I’m sensitive  and I’ll admit it.. But if you said this to me, to my face, in an email, or a letter I would have been okay with it as I would of had a conversation about it. But reading it and getting things second hand really truly made me question everything around me.

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