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WOD – Not Crossfit related.

10376319_10152411792154367_5739070252880431885_nWith all of my sports related injuries I’ve steered clear of the Crossfit faze that everyone seems to be sweeping up. I’m not knocking it but I’ve done a lot of research on it and well I honestly don’t trust 99% of the Crossfit instructors in the area. But what I have eaten up is SHAUN T and his amazing T25. This is my second go at it and I LOVE IT! I keep  a majority of the jumping in the moderation form as I have bad knees but I still get a great workout. Plus I throw in some routines from one of my favorite sites FITSUGAR.

So today I did..

T25 – Alpha: Total Body

FitSugar – 10 Minute to Tone: Arm Workout 

Ab Workout – Tone Your Ab’s