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You think this song is about you! Don’t you?

IMG_6228So, I’ve made my quota for my Team For Kids Fundraiser and I was really excited about the love I recieved from my Run Club, complete Strangers, certain family members. Leading up to my decision to do a fundraiser  I was pretty much nervous to do this.. But I had thought long and hard about it and gave it a go.  During this time, I have had some negative feedback about doing a fundraiser to run the NYC Marathon. It’s cool that you have your own feelings about “earning” your spot and people “earning” yadda yadda yadda.. I earned mine too, I earned it for a great cause. Something I believe in, as every year more and more activities are being taken away from our youth; especially PE Classes and sports in general. I grew up playing all sorts of sports, and I always enjoyed my PE classes.  But what I currently don’t love, is the people that I thought I could count on’s comments. So what I have done because of this, is pull myself from social media ( facebook ). Because of the stuff I read, or even heard from others really upset me and put me in a place that I try not to go.  I’m sensitive  and I’ll admit it.. But if you said this to me, to my face, in an email, or a letter I would have been okay with it as I would of had a conversation about it. But reading it and getting things second hand really truly made me question everything around me.

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Run Disney’s – Tower Of Terror 10 Miler Weekend

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.38.55 PM     This was my first 10 miler that I ever did and now I am jealous of the Glow in the dark 5K Medal they have this year! HA! This race is epic and I love the fact that it starts at 10pm and the parks are open until 4am.. The only thing that stinks about this is it’s still BLAZING HOT in Florida during this race. But it was SO MUCH FUN!! I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again.. RUN DISNEY if you haven’t this is by far some of the funniest races I have ever done!!