About Matsui


Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

My Friends Call me Mieshie…… But my real name is Michelle and I live and Run in NYC. But my Roots are as Southern as Southern comes! Originally from Northern Virginia, I’m on the path of not only finding myself but finding my HAPPY! I am on a weight loss journey that started in 2011 and through eating right, working out, and running I am on the road to that  “Happy” Follow me on my journey! I hope I can inspire others as others have inspired me. 

I’ve always worked hard for what I have been given. Nothing came easy in my family. I had to maintain grades and keep active in sports. Through out my life, two sports that kept me busy were Soccer and Skiing. There were others like Basketball, swim,  and football but they never matched up to my love of Fútbol. But somewhere after college and after all the stadium lights went dim I lost my will for the game. I moved and lived all over after school.. Living in places like Boston and San Diego. but I always returned home to Virginia. There truly is a magnet that brings you back to that place. But there is always my second home as well, Coastal Carolina!  Specifically,  Topsail Beach and in which one day I hope to live down that way! In 2006 I moved to NYC to be closer to my future husband cus the commute was killing me. LOL



First time running this race Vs my Year Anniversary!

In 2008, I married my husband in Sin City! Because honestly, I couldn’t see spending thousands of dollars on one day! Finally at the end of 2011 I reached my breaking point! Topping my scale off at almost 280 lbs. I had lost everything, EVERYTHING I had in myself. I was embarrassed, upset, ashamed, and I almost couldn’t fit into a size 22 pant!! I started off with the couch to 5K program and changing my lifestyle up. There was no more excuses.. I needed to get my SH!T together ( pardon the french )!!! So I signed up for my first race which was org for the Bronx Zoo but it ended up being the Allstate 5K at Flushing Meadow Park. It SUCKED!! Yea I said it! But that was until I crossed the finish line and realized what I had accomplished and I was hooked. I may never be the fastest but I don’t mind being part of the Clean Up Crew! Atleast I crossed that finish line no matter how long it takes. My parents didn’t raise a quiter.

    • 5K’s – A lot
    • 4 milers – 1
    • 5 miler – 1
    • 10K – 4
    • 10 miler – 4
    • Half ( 13.1 ) – 15
    • Full – 1




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