Wookiee Chaser’s 10K – Day 2

Star Wars 10K – Darth Vader


Darth Matsui

3:15am – What on god’s green earth is going off and why so God Damn early! I roll over and look at my phone its blinding bright with a note saying, ‘Get up Sucka you got miles to log!’ I roll over and stare at the ceiling trying to conjure up why I keep doing this to myself and I remember, ‘For the Love Of  Running!’ I get up, and drag my butt to the bathroom and change. I grab my energy drink my ‘NEW YORK’ Bagel and peanut butter cup and head out. I get out to the buses and I see a long line.. and all I could think to myself is crap.. I hope they aren’t sending one bus at a time.. and sure enough that is exactly what they were doing. But, I think someone had to have said something because within 10 mins 2 double busses showed up and we were off…

IMG_0818I get to the Start Area and Meet up with my Friends ( PastryChef_Dani, ChasingWhiteRabbitsForFun ) and are greeted with some new faces and amazing people that I have met briefly before. We then Head down to our corrals and not gunna lie.. I was super HYPER and ready to get this run going… Where this energy came from was beyond me! It might of been the fact that I brought bagels from home! That People were obviously totally Jealous of! Ha! We get down to our corrals and sit and wait.  I noticed that holy crap, there is a lot of people out here. I wondered how this would go down if the course would hold up. and boy was I in for a surprise.


The Corrals 

The Fireworks go off and we are off,  I am doing what I had trained and trained hard for for the last couple of months Then all of a sudden when we hit the parks it comes to a complete crawl. There is no point in running any more.. Walkers were stopping in the middle of the course, Run/Walkers were Running then stopping then putting their hands up then moving to the Sides. Then there were runners that were just mowing through people on the right side on the left and in the Middle ( where they should always be ). It had seemed to me that everyone had forgot their Etiquette when it came to running. I mean, People were stopping MID STRIDE causing people to run into each other.  It was just a mess. It was a 6.2 miles of  mess to be had. When I could run I would. But I would get maybe a 1/4 mile in and have to stop.  I had one kid at one point run into my side so hard that I was running sideways.. there was no sorry but I surly gave him the Magical Finger when he looked back. At this point I was just ready to get back to the bus and back to the hotel to shower and go to the parks..I wish I knew what runDisney was thinking when they said hey, let’s bring EVERYONE through the


This is pretty much what it was like during the whole race! 

backside of ESPN on a narrow ass trail. I saw people getting clipped and thrown into the bush, I saw people falling left and right, it was insane. Then towards the finish around Jostens and the Fields they Put like 10 characters in the MIDDLE, yes you read that right, of the course.. So now you had to go outside and around so people could get their photos. There was no room for that.  I was so happy to cross that finish line and kiss it up to the 3 people motivate me ( Michael, Nana, and Gram). I was done… Give me my medal take my picture…. now where is the bus..

The bus lines were out of control to get to the POP… but thank god for the staff that was so NICE ( not so much ) helping people to figure out where they were going…  There was one CM that was so snarky and rude, that I wasn’t surprised if this one lady did pop her a good one. But the saving grace was seeing Dani of WeightOffMyShoulders and her wife.. It was like finally, a familiar face at the end of this race. and we sent our love via photograph to TheAwesomeMom. and I was now on a bus off to the hotel. All I looked forward to was a hot shower, and hitting up epcot for food… and that is exactly what happened.




About mieshiematsui

36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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