Wookiee Chaser & The Star Wars Darkside – Day 1

IMG_0755Where to begin…. So part of me getting back to running was to sign up for a race that I would be full heart in and ready to go. That race would become, the Star Wars Darkside Challenge down at Walt Disney World. I was so nervous about taking on not only a 10K  but a half marathon as well. With my knee still being questionable, I knew that if I stuck to my running plan that I would push through with no issues. At least, I had hoped! There was being stoked, to being in pain, to the real reason I had come back to Disney.  Here is how it all went down. and it all started with an Upper Respitory Infection the day before I flew out. Thank god for working in the medical field.. Got my Z Pack and Away I went!

Friday: 15 – April – 2016

4:15am my alarm went off. I jumped out of bed with a huge smile on my face and screamed in my head, ‘I’m going to Disney!’ I was so excited to head back down to take on a new challenge, a 19.3 mile full weekend of racing challenge.  I hurried and finish packing my bags, threw my clothes on that I had set out for the trip down.  It’s 4:45am now and  I start to head down to wait for my car service. The whole ride over I was like a child whose parents surprised them with a trip and I’ve been in anticipation since christmas that I was going to Walt Disney World! I was antsy in my seat and verbally in my head I was yelling at cars to get out of my drivers way I had a mouse that needed hanging out with stat. We are now at LGA..  Security was easy and boarding was a breeze.. I sit and gaze out the window hoping and wishing the people that take forever to figure out how and where to put their luggage.  These are the types of people you know travel and still don’t know where to put anything.. Big carry on in overhead. Small carry on under the seat in front of you.. it’s not IMG_0769science.. well maybe to them it is. But really, it’s not!!  Get on the plane people.. I got things to do!! Then the last person to get on is a woman and a child! Up to this point I thought I was lucky enough to have a whole row to myself. yup.. nope… I was now sitting with a 2 year old between me and her mother!  I hope this outlook was going to be so much better than it seemed. The child seemed happy I thought I was in the clear… so I thought?!?! 6:30am the doors close and we are finally ready to depart. We finally get up in the air and the child turns into HELLSPAWN! Throwing chips everywhere, Her toys, and finally all over my bag went a WHOLE bottle of water!!!  And then I remember WHY I don’t have any children. I bit my tongue, gave the mother a look of death, and the child was soon picked up and cradled to sleep. I had learned the art of the ” DEATH ” Look. I’d be lying if I didn’t stay I was proud of that! But really, my mom would’ve taken me to the tiny bathroom and had a conversation if I had acted a fool. But this wasn’t the end of my DEATH looks.. there was a few more to come!

So the plane lands early and I am stoked. That means more time at the expo anIMG_0774.jpgd more time at the parks before my dad arrived.  I hop on the monorail that’s in the airport and then head straight down to the Magical Express. And what’s this? I go straight to the Bus, there is no line… SCORE!!! but maaaannn, its not a Magical Express its another companies bus. A bit of a bummer, but if it gets me to the Pop Century I am okay with it.  I sit down and Off we go! (Those who have never been to WDW will be happy to know that the Magic Express is a free service when you book at a WDW resort to take you to and from the airport.) Hit up the pop, check my bag ( my room wasn’t ready yet ), and into another line to wait for yet another bus that would soon drop me off at the ESPN Zone.

The Expo

I’m gonna say it, I like the set up they had for the bib pick up since the last time I did a RunDisney event. Basically, bib pic up was in one building and then you went upstairs to get your pre ordered merch and some of the basic runDisney Merch. Then once you are done there, you have to walk outside and go over to the Josten’s Center to pick up the rest of the Race Related Merch and hit up all the other vendors. So of course I hit up my Peeps first..


  • Sparkle Athletic  – Just to say hi to Elise and was hoping Kelly was in town.. but she was globe trotting! 😉
  • Sparkly Soul – Picked up 2 new headbands ( 2 race related ones and 1 thin Black )
  • Endure Jewelry – So bummed they were out of the 19.3 black race pendent but that’s okay I got my rose gold wing earrings that I have been eyeing for a while.
  • BeeCause Shoe Charms – Just to check out what they had.
  • New Balance section – they were out of the two shirts I wanted in my size.
  • RunDisney Race Related Merch – I got the tumbler, The Beer Glass, 2 vinylmations, and the medal pinsfor the race. oh and my preordered Dooney and Burke.

I was kinda proud of not spending a ton of money.. but they were out of a lot.. Which brings me to a point where I’d like to say

Dear runDisney,

Although I love running your events…. When are you going to start limiting peoples buying capabilities, and stop the Private Shoppers and ebayer’s from entering the ring until the last day. Come on now! I can’t fly in as early as some and I don’t live there… So, limit the buying to 2 per bib and then open the ring on saturday at 3pm to all buyers to sell the rest.

runDisney Fan,


But I walked out unskathed and with my swag in hand and headed back to the hotel to see if my room was ready…… It was not! I had way too much money invested in my hand to just leave my stuff with the bag check.. Especially with my bib.. yea nope! So I went to the front desk and the hooked me up with a new room and ended up in the 70’s section on the back side of the building with no noise and no screaming children in the pool!!! I had scored an amazing room! Brought my stuff upstairs and changed clothes and then headed to magic kingdom until my father had made it into town! It was raining out when I arrived at MK and I didn’t care.. the weather was perfect and the rain felt wonderful.  I walked around the park for a few and then hit up the one store I knew who had the Haunted IMG_0814.jpgMansion Tsum Tsums and got those on lock and sent them to my room. I spent a good amount of time just going in and out of the stores and over to the rides that somehow had ridiculous wait times. What the hell was going on this weekend besides a race weekend.. Well there was Senior Week, Lacrosse Tournaments, Softball Tournaments, Baseball, Tournaments, Choir things, Band things.  So it was a park full of hormonal teens and people that had just given birth within the last 3 years.. So many Baby Strollers!!! I soon left the park and headed over to Downtown Disney, ehm I mean Disney Springs! So many stores and so many new restaurants. I can’t wait to see what all is there when I come back in November.  I stopped and Paradiso 37.. Here’s the trick to those who have the Dining Plan with Table Service… Don’t eat at the Bar they won’t take your plan! But its cool… I got my chicken quesadilla’s and good ole Moscow Mule! Fueling Done right, Right?!

Soon later I got a text from my dad saying that he had landed and was on his way…. I hopped on my bus and headed back to the room! I was so dang happy to see my dad!  It was his first time at Disney and he was SO EXCITED to be there… We headed up to the room, dropped his things off… I went to bed because tomorrow was my first run, and he headed off the the bar by the pool…..

Well the rest was soon to come.. and don’t worry the DEATH looks were coming too!! Or maybe I should refer to it as my, Not So Disney Side! but DEATH GLARE sounds so much more metal!

….To be Continued


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36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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