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10 More Weeks… Just 10 More weeks!!!!

10427348_10152626146516127_9151510106678114866_nIt’s kinda crazy to think that in just under 10 weeks, ( well 9 ) I will be heading out to my externship as a Medical Assistant. This has taken up most of my time as the last mods get harder and harder and take up more of my time. Speaking of time, I have no time.. I wake up at 6am, I’m out of the house by 7am, by 8am I am starting class at 1:50 class is over and then its off to work…. IF I am lucky I have the ability to hit up the gym if I am not exhausted from being up till midnight 1am the night before. I honestly never thought at my age, not that I am old or anything, that I’d be going back to school and even thinking about continuing to go to school for nursing.. It’s crazy.  But here I am at 35 and like so many more before me.  I am doing it…. Not making excuses, studying, finishing my work, actually doing myself a favor and getting an education. I tried that once, and well………. that didn’t work out to well.

I’ve also learned a lot while being in school…I now remembered why I hated high school, why I hated the Hardcore Scene, and why I disliked so many people. The cattiness that goes on, the backstabbing, and the drama… It’s crazy. Worry about you, your grades, your studying, and stop worrying about everyone and everything else. I have my days where I keep my mouth shut and just sit back and watch and laugh to myself. I love when 18 – 22 yr olds always have something to say to the older one in the room that expresses their opinion on something or they state something.. It always comes back too, “I always forget how much older you are” or “wow you’ve done a lot”

All in all… you can tell who will make it in the world and who won’t. Life isnt a joke and you shouldn’t make light in any situation even if it is something as going to a technical school to get a certification… It’s still getting certified in something that you weren’t before.  You are being educated… with that being said… I am happy to have a 3.92 GPA as of right now.. 2 more mods, 10 weeks, 180 hrs of externship and I hope to be home free.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
– Lucille Ball