My NYC Marathon

You continued going through your pain and stopped to help that woman along. That speaks volumes and teaches me to be less selfish in future races. I have a hard time slowing for anyone to achieve my own goals but sometimes forgetting to stop and inspire others.

Thank you for doing, helping and finishing! – Teresa ( Hellgate Runner / Friend / One Badass MammaJamma, and a girl that inspires me )

 10347228_10152436248011127_5717027273952648517_nThis speaks volumes as to what my NYC Marathon experience was about. My morning started off by taking a car at 6:45am to the Staten Island Ferry to meet up with some of the members of my run club. I was so nervous my stomach was in knots pretty much the whole trip over there.  I had stopped off earlier to get a bagel, banana, and coffee.. Cus lets put it this way, IT WAS FRIGGIN COLD OUT!! I hopped on the 7:45am Ferry with my fellow team mates. Soon after I received a phone call that the rest of the crew was on the ship as well.. I was elated as I need to see my AMY ( The Awesome Mom ). I call her mine because she gets me…. she gets this whole thing… and infact we are just too much alike not to be attached at the hip! She also had Enida ( love her ), Kenny ( my homie that owes me some henni) and the United Nations, I mean Alexie LOL. Once that Ferry docked and we stepped outside the winds had picked up even more.. This was going to be one interesting run. They called for 40 – 60 mph’s that day. They also said that it would calm down by sunset. WRONG.  but we would manage.

Mile 1 – 2 

10489675_10152436247751127_7157836643332632974_n The cannon goes off and HOLY cow it just got real,  You start up on an on ramp approach to the Verrazano Bridge and head into the winds from HELL!  You were running into the wind and at times the gusts came from the sides pretty much almost knocking your feet from under you. I began having a hard time breathing as the wind was so intense that it was taking the breath right from me with each stride that I took.. But I kept at it.  We hit Mile 1 in the middle of the bridge and that is when reality, marathon reality, set in.  I was here, I started, and Damn it, I will finish this Bitch! Amy and I took a selfie or as I like to refer to them as an #usie lol. Mile 2 brings you into Bayridge where the wind calmed down a bit but it was still blowing.  It was amazing to see all the people out in Bayridge welcoming you into their side of the city. Calling out your name, Well Amy’s, because apparently Michelle might be too long for people to say! LMAO But that’s okay because that would all change as well.

Mile 3 – 6

Somewhere along this point of the run we met the best thing ever during a run. If you know anything about Amy, myself and our long runs you will totally understand.  If you don’t, well then you may not understand the happiness of the following photo….


 Okay, okay, okay.. I’ll give and let you in on a little secret… We plan our long runs around Dunkin Donut stops.  LMAO…  What a perfect way to commemorate everything we have done thus far to get here than a photo with Mr. Coffee and Mrs. Donut!!

Mile 7 – Mile 14

 By this time my asthma had been acting up because of the winds and my knee as well began to become tight and uncomfortable. a couple of times the wind had clipped my legs causing me to land on my feet weird causing sharp pains to rise from the base of my feet.  Then out of nowhere. the cops started telling people the marathon was done and that they were opening up the road…  THIS WAS MILE 7 how could it be finished, where they kicking us off, would we be able to complete.. I was so pissed. This took even more the sizzle out of my run.  With everything, I let Amy go so I could walk it out a bit and she could carry on. At this point, I called my husband to say I was going to throw the towel in because I was so disappointed with this run.. His words of motivation somehow helped me find my energy again and I began to run again. With my Knee still killing me, I was determined I was going to catch back up with Amy.. I don’t know how, but I was… I started to see Amy in the distance and then I noticed that I was mile 13.. YES! half way through this…. I can do it… I can keep going. I see amy… I am going to make this… then…….. my knee……. tweaked out…. SON OF A B!!! I walk it out and that is when I run into Sue and the marvelous and amazing Margaret Hagerty! Sue asked if I knew where they go from here because they had closed down almost all of the water stations and there were very few cops to direct the foot traffic that would be coming..  I let them know where they were and where they would be going,  and then that is when I decided I would help….

Mile 14 – 24

 This is where my story becomes at least to me, AMAZING!  So, let me introduce Margaret..

  • Name: Margaret Hagerty
  • From: North Carolina
  • Age: 91
  • How many Marathons completed: 81
  • Guiness Book Record holder for being the oldest woman to run on 7 continents

Yea, lets just say AMAZBALLS!!! She was a pistol and to this day I think I was destined to meet these two ladies. We stuck together, I blocked wind for her going across the Queensboro Bridge . I kept them on the right path to the finish line because the people that invited her ( NYRR ) didn’t bother to give them a guide.. Or at least Someone that knew the route that would make sure they would finish.. Especially if they wanted this notoriety attached to something as amazing as to what she was accomplishing. 1st Ave. was quiet, everyone had packed up and peaced out. My sister n law, my friend, and his mother waited for me at 93rd and 1st. My old stomping grounds.  It was amazing to see them and gave me even more gusto to go and finish.

By the time we get to the Bronx the sun has finally set and they closed off the course and changed it. At this point, Margaret and Sue were very nervous making sure we were going the right way since we had no real help.. The directions at times from the cops that were still out were at times, incorrect or flat out wrong.  But we push on.. I was never so happy to see 5th Ave. once we came over the 138th St. Bridge!!! We were almost there.


Mile 25 – 26.2 

My husband called, “Are you okay? Where are you?” I let him know we had made it into central park. and we were coming around. I told him who I was with and how amazing my night had been.  He informed me that people had been messaging him and texting him to make sure I was okay because NYRR had stopped tracking me. Next thing I know, here comes my husband..  I had never been so happy to see him like I did that day. He walked the last few miles with us and made sure we got to the right place… By this time we were freezing, tired, and pretty much over it.  Margaret kept asking where the finish was…. We kept reassuring her and sure enough the lights of the finish line were ahead of us and she lit up, and picked up her pace. For the last 6 miles Sue and I had been holding Margaret arm and arm.. to make sure she was okay and to keep her up…  We released our arms and across that finish line we all went. I had no energy to cry at this point.. It was well over 8hrs of running and walking. all I could do was hug my husband! I had finished….and I didn’t give up.. I was never a quitter and I will never be after this! Margaret taught me a lot that night… and I am so glad I am a part of her family now!

Me, Margaret, & Sue

Me, Margaret, Sue


I AM a MARATHONER!!! – Even if you don’t think I am…. I did 26.2 just like everyone else did that day… I just did it differently and with grace… Sometimes, it’s not all about that time on the clock or your watch.. It’s about people that you might inspire, motivate, or help along the way… So stop every once in a while and help a fellow runner.. Get to know a fellow runner, and help Motivate a runner.  Life is to short to be competitive 100% of the time.

Click the Photo’s to enlarge


On the Staten Island Ferry


Me and My Cousin Donna


NY Instarunners


Me and Amy ( thank you for being with me throughout this whole thing cus #oneanddone, or is it?

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  1. Congratulations Michelle, you are a marathoner!!! We are classmates because NYC was my first too. The weather conditions were rough but you prevailed and provided an amazing service in the process. You are a rock star.

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