You think this song is about you! Don’t you?

IMG_6228So, I’ve made my quota for my Team For Kids Fundraiser and I was really excited about the love I recieved from my Run Club, complete Strangers, certain family members. Leading up to my decision to do a fundraiser  I was pretty much nervous to do this.. But I had thought long and hard about it and gave it a go.  During this time, I have had some negative feedback about doing a fundraiser to run the NYC Marathon. It’s cool that you have your own feelings about “earning” your spot and people “earning” yadda yadda yadda.. I earned mine too, I earned it for a great cause. Something I believe in, as every year more and more activities are being taken away from our youth; especially PE Classes and sports in general. I grew up playing all sorts of sports, and I always enjoyed my PE classes.  But what I currently don’t love, is the people that I thought I could count on’s comments. So what I have done because of this, is pull myself from social media ( facebook ). Because of the stuff I read, or even heard from others really upset me and put me in a place that I try not to go.  I’m sensitive  and I’ll admit it.. But if you said this to me, to my face, in an email, or a letter I would have been okay with it as I would of had a conversation about it. But reading it and getting things second hand really truly made me question everything around me.

Where am I now? Well to be honest, I dunno. I’ve pretty much removed myself from everyone and everything. I have a select few ( and by few I mean like FEW) people that I have let in my life in the last couple of months. This even pertains to family.  So please don’t take this out of context because its not always about you, or you, or you, or you, and especially you… There is a long list of people.  And it’s not just about the running, or running the marathon.. It’s also about the fact that I am going to school and few have said anything, asked how things are going, congratulated me on my first MOD of a 4.0 gpa. and certain people that should have said Happy Anniversary, but didn’t. Some of these people have even bragged me in person amongst their friends of how proud they are of me but yet when I needed help they were no longer there to help. That’s cool, cus that’s the last time I do anything for you, let you in on anything, or know what I am doing.

So like I’ve taken a step back because of everything and removed myself from facebook. It’s almost like a social experiment to see who actually reaches out  to me. If any one does at all. If they do, Great! If not, oh well! Time to move on.

Also, I’d love to address the people that have made comments about me taking photos and posting everyday on IG and that “some people post to much of their life on-line” Ya know what, TO EACH THEIR OWN! If you have nothing to say that is nice, please keep it to yourself.  There are a lot of big mouths in this world, in this family, in this life and it always gets back to the person you talk about.

I’m sorry this is such a negative post today! but I needed to get it out! and writing helps me vent instead of keeping it in.  But on a positive note, my knee is feeling a lot better… Still a little sore here and there.. but my runs have been amazing besides the ( 10 miler, where I stepped in a hole and tweaked my knee a little  and I backed off ). But I am happy where I am at and glad that I have vented..

That is all…. 😉

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