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REVIEW: Mizuno Prophecy 3’s


Since November 2nd after purchasing my Prophecy 3’s I’ve been rocking them like they were the shit…. Well, that was until I ran my first Half of the year and that totally changed my mind. But before I get into that, let me give you the good stuff that I liked about them. The Design is EPIC. I love the coloring, The idea of taking a Japanese blow fish into consideration on the markings, and they truly are a comfortable shoe for low mileage…… Now, that brings me to the bad of these shoes.  Since March I have ran 6 halves… Pretty much all back to back. PR’ing every single time I ran. But thank god I had paced myself faster in the first half of a race because by mile 10 I felt as though I had no shoes on my feet and I was straight hitting pavement barefoot. IT SUCKED.. It was not comfortable what so ever. At the Long Branch Half I was pacing pretty friggin good and I was digging the vibe through out the whole entire race and at mile 10 my feet fell apart….. 2 weeks after that I did that Brooklyn half and by mile 9 my feet had enough. I felt something pop in my foot and Game Was OVER!!…. I had to walk the rest of the race..  I was SOOOO upset! and my feet, well they are still recovering.  I guess for now these sneakers will become more of an everyday shoe than a running shoe. I was soooo hoping these would be my IT!!!


– on a side note, I did call mizuno to see what they could do for me… and well, never got a phone call back nor an email. Sweet!

Jason Hamacher, a Punk “Drummer With a Camera,” Is Now a Syrian-Art Preservationist

A great little article of a friend of mine and his amazing photography on his recent trip to Syria!



I like spice!


Today’s lunch!
-organic chicken 3 oz
– one red pepper
– one orange pepper
– red onion
Seasoning – sea salt, pepper, fresh garlic, cumin, crushed red pepper all to taste

And now my mouth is on fire!! Lol

What’s in your Fage!



1 cup of Fage 0%

1 tbl spoon of Chia Seed

5 organic strawberries

2 handfuls of blueberries (organic )

1 tsp of Organic Raw Honey

Waffles for lunch… Why not!

I’m in love with these!! The syrup was a little to rich for my taste but I just use less!



WOD – Not Crossfit related.

10376319_10152411792154367_5739070252880431885_nWith all of my sports related injuries I’ve steered clear of the Crossfit faze that everyone seems to be sweeping up. I’m not knocking it but I’ve done a lot of research on it and well I honestly don’t trust 99% of the Crossfit instructors in the area. But what I have eaten up is SHAUN T and his amazing T25. This is my second go at it and I LOVE IT! I keep  a majority of the jumping in the moderation form as I have bad knees but I still get a great workout. Plus I throw in some routines from one of my favorite sites FITSUGAR.

So today I did..

T25 – Alpha: Total Body

FitSugar – 10 Minute to Tone: Arm Workout 

Ab Workout – Tone Your Ab’s 

Eating light and humanely as possible


20140527-122547-44747769.jpgSo this morning, like most mornings when I’m not running long distances I keep my breakfast light and easy! I’ve also change to humanely eating as well or as some call it “organically”

Organic Turkey Sausage
Cage Free, Vegetarian Fed, no hormones eggs
And of course Coffee! With sugar in the raw and almond/coconut milk!

A Fresh Start

My Cousin Donna And Her Hubby Juan - Brooklyn Half  -  May '14

My Cousin Donna And Her Hubby Juan – Brooklyn Half –

Today  I move forward… Not looking back at all the things that upset me nor hear the words that tend to break me. Plus I don’t have the patients to transfer all of my files over from one blog to this one. LOL  I needed a fresh start.  Plus I wanted to get away from Facebook for a while and Instagram as it was truly taking over my life. I found that I was losing track of my workouts and I just wasnt focused enough. Plus, I get to upset over things that I read that people post.. and I’m honestly over hearing how certain people have “issues” with my posting.. So much so, that it all gets back to me! It’s cool, what ever, keep talking.. I gotcha number.

Anyway, this is now going to be my place of recapping my MARATHON TRAINING!!!!! Yes, you heard right! 26.2 miles of pure ‘OMG what the hell did I get myself into!’ blogging…  I’ll even touch upon product reviews, things I love and hate.. How I’m feeling.. To things that really grind my gears. To fun stuff like, vacation, cooking, baking, my animals, adventures, and my love hate relationship with weight loss!  I might even get emotional from time to time. But it’s all good cus I need somewhere to vent where I honestly don’t care if I place BOTH of my feet in my mouth! Because one thing my momma taught me is to, ‘Say what’s on my mind because if you don’t, you might as well be lying!’ So If you take offence to easily, I apologize in advance. Deal! 😉


A creative man …

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”

by: Ayn Rand


Don’t worry I got this!