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The 8 Mile Half Marathon


 So I must admit the Michelob Ultra Half Marathon was my first half of the season and by in large one of the funniest halves I have ever done. But I guess some people didn’t get the laugh factor that went along with it.. Ah well, running is fun for me so honestly I don’t care what others think but I did find peoples reaction funny as anything. 
    My Girl Amy and I before the race laid out 13 things to talk about along our run. It keeps our minds of the run and we focus more on the fun things in life. There was one section of the run back by the lake that was MUDDY!! I personally don’t like mud unless I am playing soccer and slide tackling in the mess.. But we managed through it and kept on trucking.. We saw some of our good friends pass by and we kept at it.. Tackling every topic we could.  We knew coming around that there was a turn somewhere coming up but it never did.. Next thing we see is Nirvana go passing by and shes like You guys are kicking ass… We had no clue what she was talking about until we saw the finish line!!! WHAT? How the hell??? We had no clue on how we managed to miss the turn around.. Then we saw a whole group of people that was running with us through out the whole thing come to the finish line as well! what the!! No one had directed us there was no sign at least that we had seen. We had just crossed the finish line at 2:00hrs and only 8 miles completed.. Bummed that we were robbed but stoked that in Race world we had CRUSHED our time.. LOL. but it is what it is. It wasn’t our fault it was the course or as i like to refer to it as, The Maze. 

   Now, some got bent over the fact that I posted pictures with our medals, Why not! They still gave them to us.. We still had fun! That is all that matters.. If you are going to get offended by it.. Please be an adult and speak to me about it… Then I would have gladly pointed out that jokes that were all over my page.  But hey, if you are that sensitive, my apologies..  But this was the Best Damn Race EVER!!!