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Joe Kleinerman 10K – Doctors don’t always know best!

 So my first race of the new year has come… I was still nervous as my foot is still a little tender from my sprain / hair line fracture. Central Park is very Very VERY hilly and thinking of the pressure of my foot on an upward incline kinda worried me. But when the morning came I was like F it… I got this..  I met up with my Fellow amazing Runner and Friend Nirvana at 6am to take the train over to the start. We split up to get into our waves… I ran in to some Friends of mine Vaughn, Kenny, and Seth at the start.. I was honestly stoked. Cus the only time I really see these guys is at a show or an event of some sort. Kenny also is a 2 time marathoner with one hell of an amazing pace time! So, I decided to run with these guys because of Seth’s Story..

Seth – Vaughn – Kenny

 Seth was a healthy and active man.. Aspiring actor, play write and so much more. That was up until 2 years ago when he suffered a stroke and aneurysm.. Seth is only in his 30’s!! Yes, you heard me right!  This floored me. He said that a resident doctor told his parents he would never walk again or have mobility of his left side. As we started out we began to talk about that day, rehab and about everything he has done since.. His determination that he has, has inspired me to the 10th degree it’s not even funny. He told me his goal is to run a marathon. and Let me tell you, he is on his way.. His attention to detail and his memory has totally dumbfounded me. I had a friend of mine had a stroke many years ago and has no memory of his past and to hear Seth’s stories and the details he remembers has just gone above and beyond to inspire me to do so much more with my life this year and for years to come. Yesterday he broke his goal he set for finishing the 10K and it was an Honor beyond belief running with him and to help him achieve this goal! I truly hope I get to run more events with him. He is the Definition of PMA ( Positive Mental Attitude )

  Yesterday was not about the run or my time it was about Seth and helping him achieve yet another goal on his list! TAKE THAT YOU RESIDENT DOCTOR WHO SAID HE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO WALK LET ALONE RUN! There is 6.2 reason of why he can and he did!!! Suck It!

Event: Joe Klienerman 10K
Place: Central Park
Miles: 6.2
Time: 1:53:12

PS: Sometimes its great to earn things (which I am doing for the 2015 marathon ) and sometimes it’s okay to do things for Charity to help others in need ( which I am doing with Team For Kids for this year ) … Im Proud of what I am doing and what I am doing things for! This year I will Run3rd for Seth. If you don’t like it, please keep your comments to yourself, delete me from your friends, loose my number, email, or what have you. I don’t need you in my life. 2014 is all about change and Making things happen.