T25 – Protein Shakes – and work out

So,  over the summer I took on Beach Body’s T-25 with Shaun T. I’m always a little skeptical about things you see on TV and Fads that are cool. It’s jut not me.  But while I was on Vacation one of my cousins had been talking about it and said how much she loved it and how much it has changed her mind about working out and the benefits. So after talking to my awesome and kick ass Coach I bought the DVD’s and began the workouts… The only thing I didn’t splurge on was the Shakology because I just couldn’t get past the price tag. I finished the first 5 weeks with no issues… but come the second set of 5 weeks I had some issues with getting stuff done as I was in the middle of my training for my half marathon. So I restarted my 5 week program and I got deathly ill for 2 weeks… It sucked… So I asked my coach if she was starting up a new team and she assured me that she would be starting a new team up come the second week of November.

So between that time and now I have been on the search for an alternative for a protein slash meal replacement shake that would do the same thing that Shako would do… and I found it and honestly I like the taste of it more than I did the shakology.  So welcome to my life 310 NUTRITION !!!! This morning I am rocking a Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake that is KILLER!!! and it’s half of the price of the shakology and is all natural!

310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement made from the finest natural ingredients in the world. Our proprietary Tri-Plex™ protein works in conjunction with pea protein and patented prebiotic fiber to satisfy your hunger like nothing else you’ve ever tried, delivering top-notch nutrition optimized for weight control and sustained health.

About mieshiematsui

36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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