Whoops….. I have a blog… Oh My!

To say life hasn’t been hectic these past couple of months is to say the least. Life has really thrown me a couple of curve balls this summer. In all honesty, I am still trying to define myself.  I feel lost at times like my left should be my right and my right is the wrong way. Let me Explain…

 Weight loss is a HARD JOURNEY! This summer I got truly discouraged and it all started with wearing the dreaded bathing suit during summer vacation. I of course covered it up with the smile that I sometimes hide behind.  But then in the back of my mind I’m thinking two years ago I was in a 2X size 20 ( which was snug) and here I am this year in a 14/L and my bottoms were falling off..  I know it’s all a mental thing but I give in each time. The voices of my mom echo in my head, ‘yea you look great but…… you still need to loose more!’ I know my mom didn’t mean it to be so harsh but those words ahh those words.. The same ones I heard all through my life when I was a size 6 in high school still bother me and believe it or not were said to me again. I keep repeating to myself, ‘ I am beautiful, I am Strong, I am one of a kind, I can do this! ‘ My power words when I get upset or start thinking the worst. All of this came at the worst time, I had hit the hardest Plateau of this whole journey. It lasted 2 months of up an down though out the same numbers. It was one hell of an emotional roller coaster. I started to give up and loose faith.. I hated to run! What?!?! yea you heard me right.. I hated it.. I wanted to stay in bed. I didn’t want to do anything and sure as hell didn’t want to hang or see anyone..  I felt that I had failed…  I had read that the last 60 – 70 lbs of weight loss is the worst. and IM THERE!!! EEEKKK To think, it’s right around the corner is unfathomable. Will I be able to stick to it.. what do I need to do to change my ways… What do I do when I get there? All reasonable questions but with one great answer……’Fall in Love with the Process and the Results will come!‘ So I did just that…. I got back in the saddle and 15 more labels came off…

 So, to catch up here are a few things I did to change things up.. I ran my first HALF MARATHON!!!!! But I ran it back at home in DC with my dad there at the finish line. It was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done… The course was not what they said it was.. It was Hills,
Upon Hills, upon Hills with 80% of it on gravel country roads. I made it to mile 8 and then that’s when everything started to go down hill.. I began to cramp up to the point that you could see my muscle that wraps around to my shin tense up.. I continued to hydrate and take electrolytes.. I walked it out a bit until I finally almost collapsed at mile 11…  I knew that I had to push through and catch up to the runner who kept me motivated and moved me once I met her at mile 6.. I stretched my calf out and proceeded to catch up to her.. Now I dunno if it’s just me or not, but I hate when people say, ” It’s right around the corner and it’s all down hill from here!” when in fact it’s not!! F you people that do that shit!! Cus it really pisses me off…  I got my crown and boa and thats when I turned the corner and saw my father.. and a wall of emotions came over me because I knew I was home!! I crossed the finish line at 3:38. Not the time I had wanted but it was one hell of a course.
 Some highlights of this race was meeting Ali Vincent.. I don’t really break down that much but when I do I let the flood gates go. I showed her my before and after, I told her my struggle and my story. She was welcoming, wholesome, and whole heartily cared about me… It was the fist time in my life of meeting “famous” people that I felt a connection with someone that understood. Ali would later, show that even more at the Diva Long Island.  I also ran into Kelly from Sparkle Athletic.. Kelly is one hell of a trooper.. Days after having major surgery this lady hopped a plane to attend the Diva DC..  And as much pain I know she was in she was there with that infectious smile and the most amazing accessories for women in running. Don’t just run ladies…. SPARKLE!! I love it. and then there was KATIE!! I met her at mile 6 and we were instantly connected.. She was amazing. She was too on the same journey but she had another reason for running.. She wanted to get healthy to find that special someone…  Her motto the whole time was to keep her feet moving and as long as they were moving she had it… and when I tell you she killed that race.. SHE KILLED IT!!! She kept my spirit up when I wanted to give up, break down and cry….  I wish I could thank her again over and over and over again!

The weeks to follow I ran a couple of 10Ks and PR’d  like crazy.. I also ran my second Half and that’s when I had an asthma attack at mile 8/9 and thanks to Ali once again she came up from behind me and helped me out… I walked it out and got my breath back and continued the race… When I had finally crossed the finish line with yet again another PR and my best friend and I Hand n Hand. Ali Dropped everything, told the ladies that wanted photographs to hold on one minute and turned around and gave me the biggest hug telling me how proud she was of me.!!! Seriously, I hope she knows how much of an inspiration she is… as her motto says, LIVE BIG!!

So, in other news…. instagram is the ISH! I have met some of the greatest people from there and we even started our own lil running community! One who sticks out the most is Amy, THE AWESOME MOM Her spirit is just so genuine and loving its not even funny. Her like I, have and are still going through the same challenges and we both do it with a smile and determination. I met her at the Queens 10K and kept in contact with her until we were able to run again at the Rock N Roll 10K and I will just say it was a Friggin Blast!!! I enjoyed every stride, every Laugh, and every mile of that run! I also got to meet other instagramers that are just as kick ass…. HeyJDubs and Serious06 both of which I had a blast running with. and we kept the LCRC in full effect and full of fun!

About mieshiematsui

36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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