April 15th – I will Run on For Boston!

I can express the feelings I had when I was awakened by the screaming of my husband to, “Hurry up and turn on the TV!” As I stumbled into the living room to hear that there was a bombing just seconds ago at the Boston Marathon my heart just sank and I soon found my stomach in my throat. As a runner, I found that I quickly picked up my phone called my Friend to find out if her Friends that she had spoken about were okay. That she had talked to them or at least heard from them via Text or email! She was so upset and I told her to keep it positive. I got another message from a friend that she had a bunch of people that were in her Running Club that were running and she couldn’t get in touch with them. So through out the day it was a lot of texting back and forth between friends to see if they had heard anything. Word came around later on in the evening that everything was okay. and my stomach began slowly going back into place.

 As the press releases started to unfold and more and more came out. I was upset to hear that a Guy that had run for Newton, Conn had finished early and headed over to watch his other teammates cross the finish.. When the bomb went off and the dust had settled he had lost both of his legs.  I began to tear up and my heart was overwhelmed again. Then the news came across again that the first victim in this was an 8 year old that had just hugged his dad… My heart began to break…. Why I kept on saying… Why would anyone want to do something like this. and the stories of those lost and those who were badly injured kept coming through and I just had to turn my TV off. I couldn’t do it anymore..

 I shortly remembered that this was a day before the Virginia Tech Massacre  and I remembered how panicked I was with that, as I had a cousin that was attending school there.   How could anyone do this? all the innocence lost…. This Race in Boston always brought the people together and  for a day the City of Boston known for its Race, Segregation, and contentedness with it all  seemed to disappear. People were welcoming runners into their home to give them food and shelter.. People were BBQ’n for the people displaced because their hotels were evacuated. It was humbling to see that people were friendly in Boston that they put their differences aside and lent their hearts, their food, and their homes to all those effected..

  So on April 16th I ran for Boston. I laced up my shoes, Wore one of my many race shirts and ran a quick 2.62 miles in memory for those in Boston. When I was done I broke down because that could of been me, one of my friends, and or one of my family members… But We as a running community will Run On for them! and we are a powerful community because we have the strength to weather the storm and push ourselves.  I am a proud runner and I am RUNNING FOR BOSTON!!

 To those lost may your spirit ride on in the Run.. To those injured may your journey to heal be fast and may you be able to carry the torch and never loose hope or spirit. To those effected, Keep Strong for those lost and those who may never run again.. Run For Them.. Run From the Heart…


About mieshiematsui

36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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