Origami Owl Lockets

     So early last month I went to an Origami Owl Party… It’s like the new Tupperware party of this generation. LOL.  I’ve always saw their ad’s and seen people’s invites to their parties and I never thought I would be one to go to one.. and I did. It was like I felt like my mother in the 80’s, no lie! I remember my mom dragging me to Avon and Mary Kay parties too. Oh the memories I have. haha!
    Anyway, basically Origami Owl is a party where the home own is a host and they invite a person that sells the product in the host home to their friends and family. See my reference might be clear now on the whole Avon/Tupperware reference. Basically you start by picking out your locket. there is all sorts of styles big and small, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver, and then you pick out your charms that you want to add into the locket.  Then your chain comes next. You can also pick out clips ( like the owl in the photo ). There is other options as well.. It’s kinda cool because it is like you are making a necklace about you… So here is what mine is about.

  • Believe Disc – Is basically my motivational word. It’s what I repeat in my head when I run and when I work out to keep me going… 
  • Dog Bone – My whole life is and has always been about the Rescue of Stray Dogs and Cats. This is one for my dog Bogey whom is a rescue himself. 
  • Anchor – Is for my Love of the Sea, The Navel Academy, and for my cousin Kevin who is currently in the Navy serving. He’s always been so motivational to me and we have always been close. I want to keep him close when he is away.  ( Thank you for Serving Kevin ) 
  • NANA – My grandmother who lost her battle to cancer in 2010.. She gave me strength and power and because of her I found my life again. She’s the reason I run. 
  • Pink Sneaker – 1: because I am a runner and 2: My grandmother was a Breast Cancer Survivor. But Lung and Pancreatic Cancer would take her away from us. 
  • Paw – For all the Kitties I have rescued and my 3 lil four paw’d Brats I have now.. I love them to pieces. 
  • Sand Dollar – My Nana loved to collect sand dollars and she used to give a necklace to everyone that touched her life a cross with a sand dollar in the middle. and it’s like a symbol of our times at Topsail Beach, NC! 
  • Owl –  Well it was cute… lol I wish there was a penguin I would of been all over that. 
     So that’s my story of my necklace.. I love it. It’s a great way to show your story… a little pricey but worth it so far! 

About mieshiematsui

36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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