Exhibit A

  My Dearest and Longest Running Bestest Friend in the world ( Yes +Jessica I am calling you out cus I love you) got me wanting a JawBone up. She talked it up like it was the Cats Meow. So after battling in my mind between the FitBit and other ‘Hey Look at me I am a healthy toy too!’ I decided to jump on that bandwagon and by one. At first Glance The JAWBONE UP looks like something you would have worn in the 80’s with your jelly bracelets and killer new Swatch Watches. And that is what I feel like! But it’s not annoying or a pain in the ass to wear. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from. (Exhibit A). Of course i chose black because after reading reviews on the colored ones I figure go with the gut.. Although I do like the Aqua Blue, Mint, and Red! I was bummed they didn’t have a bright Green or a Purple as those are my Favorite colors. I might have bent for that. But alas, It didn’t  Maybe next time?!? I like the fact that I can wear it in the shower and it’s semi moisture proof.. I just wish you could wear it swimming. Because if that was the case, I really don’t think this thing would every come off my wrist besides charging it. ( when I am sitting watching TV ) .

   Which brings me to my next point. The battery life is pretty decent if you don’t update your files every time you go out and do something ( which I find myself doing all the time to see where I am at ). Your battery should last upwards of 10 days and each time you upload your information to your phone or Ipad it tells you where your percentage of battery life is at. one cool thing I do like about it is the alarms on it.. it vibrates on your arm and it wakes you up nicely compared to a blaring alarm clock.

  The App is awesome.. You can download it to an android phone or an Iphone. It shows you your Sleep Patterns, Steps you took, you can log your work outs, you can join a challenge, challenge your friends., you can set a stop watch, alarms, power naps, you can also see your trends and lifeline as you use it more. And if your best friend is hundreds of miles away ( like mine ) you get to in a way keep up with them and their activities. It’s like you’re far away challenge but nothing will stop that!

  So in closing.. I love this little bracelet of mine. Its a nice way to keep track of your daily routines and what you do outside rather than just mileage on a watch from running. I always wanted to know how much I move through out the day. and I could only imagine what this would say if I was still working retail. oh my gosh the numbers would bust. LOL


  • simple design
  • semi waterproof
  • app is awesome
  • tracking
  • working out with friends that are far away. 
  • wish it was Bluetooth instead of having to constantly take it off to put into the headphone jack
  • wish it was more waterproof than what it is. Would love for it to calculate swimming. 
  • a way for it to calculate a SPIN class but not by wearing it on your shoe or something. 
  • wish it came in bright green or purple. 
So If I was you…. I’d go an pick one up. they retail at $129.99 at your local best buy, att&t store, and online.  If your a couponer you can get it for less. 😉 I did! 

About mieshiematsui

36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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