Spin Bikes, The Devil?

 So something intimidates me about these bikes… It’s not the people that ride them or the instructors. I just think its my general fear of a “Bike”. I’ve never been a fan of bikes for some reason or another. I mean, I had them. My first bike was a Strawberry Short Cake Bike with a SWEET Banana Seat and how could I forget the Cute little Basket in the front! I was Styling in 1983! Then through the years I had the mountain bike and then in college I had a BMX.. but even with all of those I still hated the bike. The Bike was evil to me.. Either that or I just preferred to be more in control of my life. Maybe that was the sign as to why I am the way I am… I don’t like to drink for the fear of being out of control. I don’t do drugs for the fear of being out of control and I just in general don’t do things that make me feel as though I am out of control. What is wrong with me!!! ‘LOL’ But I am in control of these bikes. I make my ride. I decide if I want to go hard or go home. I am the one that pushes myself up the imaginary hill take that sprint to the finish line and make my body work for it. So how can I be intimidated by these so called “Indoor Cycling Bikes”!!!!

Exhibit A!!

Exhibit A: is one reason. Have you ever Sat on one of these bikes for an hour a day! I get off this bike and I feel like everything wrong has happened to my lady parts!!! I have begun to walk like a cowboy. My husband looks at me like I am nuts when I go, “not tonight”! Let me tell ya it’s one way to ruin your sex life for a good month until you get used to it. Every Bone in your area is yelling at you… “Why on Why would you do this to us!!! Damn you Woman” and I totally have the voice of Stewy going through my head when I say this to myself in my head! But there is a purpose. To get fit! To get my endurance up for running.. To get rid of that last 60 lbs I need to do away with. To be able to run a Half Mary with out stopping.. To have a NICE ASS!!! to have a KILLER CORE!!! I got this….  I swear I do…  My Brain Says Yes, My Vagina says WHAT IN THE HELL!!!

So as I creep Closer to the bike and get back into it.. I hope my Husband is okay with the Caution tape for the next month! July’s right around the corner and damn it I WANT A BIKINI for the first time since high school!!! I got this…. *bites lip*

About mieshiematsui

36 year old finding her way back to being healthy and living a better life style! Diet, exercise, and running! I'm a normal gal lost in a world of size 0 models!

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