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Target’s C9 – Champion Run Socks and Active Undies

     I Must say I am very happy and impressed with this line.. I love the Active Undies that stay in place out of all the brands I have tried and their Dry Fit Socks really are the bee’s knees for me. I mean I could go out and spend a fortune at Paragon Sports ( Which I already do ) on socks but I choose not too and I have had really great success with my socks and having no blisters.  I have lost a toe nail running Long Distance but eh.. It’s bound to happen. LOL. So all in all, Buy some and try them out yourself. Im pretty sure you’ll be happy that you did. 

Runners Gift Box Subscription

April’s Runners Gift Box Subscription 

Totally Stoked on the Runners Box! Everything was and is amazing in this box.   I was so stoked when I got it and opened it to find out how packed this little box was.  If you are a runner and you are just starting out and having a hard time finding things that might work for you. I highly recommend getting a subscription to this. It will give you a chance to try out new things for your run and help motivate you along the way. Although my box didn’t come with toe socks like some did.. mine came with a hair tie, reflector for those night runs, and a earphone wire wrap to keep it from getting tangled.  I will be fully subscribing to this box.. I can’t wait for more STUFF!!

Aprils – Birch Box Subscription

Birch Box Kinda RULES… Just putting that out there right now.  I was really impressed with all that it came with and It even came with an extra lil gift inside.

  • Joie – Folle De Joie Parefume: Totally Fell in love with the scent. It’s a nice Contemporary mix of Rose, Mandarin, and Sandlewood.  At $98 for a Full-Size this might have to be a purchase that I make in the near future. It’s truly a great scent for the spring in summer.. It made me think of the islands and the beautiful flower that my mother grows in her garden.. I will be buying a bottle of this greatness.. 
  •  LaFace Labs – PUR Purifying Facial Wash: So this is for a Blemish-Prone and Sensitive Skin type. I wish there was more of a sample to partake in as I have the above stated going on with my skin.   I would of loved to try this out for like two weeks just to see if I could see a difference in my skins complexion. This is a two in one cleanser and toner made with aloe and a firming copper extract. I might buy it to try it out more but I would have loved if they had a sent a bigger size. 
  • Mirenesse – Glossy Kiss LipStick – Wow, what a great product… I loved it.. You can use it for your cheeks and your lips.. The only thing that I wish they would have done is send it more of a neutral shade.. They Sent BRIGHT RED.. Maybe for a night out with the hubs but it’s too much for me.  This LipStick goes on Smooth and it is not sticky. You can use it on your cheeks as well and blend it in.. Will be checking out to see other color options. 
  • Nexxus – Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir : Its a serum that is suppose to cure dry strands and reduces the odds of age -related breakage while giving you new shine.  Haven’t tried this out because I have what people pay hundreds of dollars for to have their hair look like. Yea Natural Changing color hair with the weather…. 
  • Bonus – SIMPLE – Revitalizing Eye Roll On:  I honestly can not wait to try this out.. Ive heard great things about it.. SO BRING IT ON!!! I need a little eye lift from time to time.. I hate getting up at 5am. BOOOOO!!!!! 

April’s Bulu Box Subscription

So, where do I start with this one.. Um….. well….. I got the Deal off of Living Social but before I did that I went to their web site, to Check out What all comes with this and Of Course the Web site makes it out to be something like this….

I mean it looks all full and fun with Great things to try out..  right?!?!?! And this is truly what came in it. 
Wha… Whaaaaa! I wasn’t impressed. I chose the Weight Loss Box as I am still on the mission to loose weight.. and This is what I get.. Blah. Here is the list of things that came in it. 
  • Barlean’s Omega Swirl – Key Lime Flavor – I take a gummy for my omega 3’s and this is Gross. end of story. 
  • Dream Water – Zero Calorie Sleep and Relaxation Shot – I haven’t tried this yet but I sleep pretty well maybe one day when I cant fall asleep and I need to I will take it and see what it does. It smells like a kids drink so who knows. 
  • Marz Spray CSpray – Vitamin C Spray we all need a little extra with cold season here. ( Up and down temperatures until till mother nature wants to get her act together ) So far so good. 
  • Immuno Gum – Immunity Boost with Zinc, Vit C, Echinacea, elderberry and more. – I’ll keep this around when the colds start flinging.. sounds like a good concept lets see if it works. 
  • Aero Shot  Energy : Tried it.. It was like taking an inhaler with a funky fruity taste. Honestly it taste like medicine in Dust form.. I didn’t notice the change in my energy what so ever.. All I know is EEEEKKKK!! I didnt like it!
Let’s see what May’s box Brings.. until then I will be scraping my tongue of that vile Aero Shot Taste.. Blarg!!

April 15th – I will Run on For Boston!

I can express the feelings I had when I was awakened by the screaming of my husband to, “Hurry up and turn on the TV!” As I stumbled into the living room to hear that there was a bombing just seconds ago at the Boston Marathon my heart just sank and I soon found my stomach in my throat. As a runner, I found that I quickly picked up my phone called my Friend to find out if her Friends that she had spoken about were okay. That she had talked to them or at least heard from them via Text or email! She was so upset and I told her to keep it positive. I got another message from a friend that she had a bunch of people that were in her Running Club that were running and she couldn’t get in touch with them. So through out the day it was a lot of texting back and forth between friends to see if they had heard anything. Word came around later on in the evening that everything was okay. and my stomach began slowly going back into place.

 As the press releases started to unfold and more and more came out. I was upset to hear that a Guy that had run for Newton, Conn had finished early and headed over to watch his other teammates cross the finish.. When the bomb went off and the dust had settled he had lost both of his legs.  I began to tear up and my heart was overwhelmed again. Then the news came across again that the first victim in this was an 8 year old that had just hugged his dad… My heart began to break…. Why I kept on saying… Why would anyone want to do something like this. and the stories of those lost and those who were badly injured kept coming through and I just had to turn my TV off. I couldn’t do it anymore..

 I shortly remembered that this was a day before the Virginia Tech Massacre  and I remembered how panicked I was with that, as I had a cousin that was attending school there.   How could anyone do this? all the innocence lost…. This Race in Boston always brought the people together and  for a day the City of Boston known for its Race, Segregation, and contentedness with it all  seemed to disappear. People were welcoming runners into their home to give them food and shelter.. People were BBQ’n for the people displaced because their hotels were evacuated. It was humbling to see that people were friendly in Boston that they put their differences aside and lent their hearts, their food, and their homes to all those effected..

  So on April 16th I ran for Boston. I laced up my shoes, Wore one of my many race shirts and ran a quick 2.62 miles in memory for those in Boston. When I was done I broke down because that could of been me, one of my friends, and or one of my family members… But We as a running community will Run On for them! and we are a powerful community because we have the strength to weather the storm and push ourselves.  I am a proud runner and I am RUNNING FOR BOSTON!!

 To those lost may your spirit ride on in the Run.. To those injured may your journey to heal be fast and may you be able to carry the torch and never loose hope or spirit. To those effected, Keep Strong for those lost and those who may never run again.. Run For Them.. Run From the Heart…


Origami Owl Lockets

     So early last month I went to an Origami Owl Party… It’s like the new Tupperware party of this generation. LOL.  I’ve always saw their ad’s and seen people’s invites to their parties and I never thought I would be one to go to one.. and I did. It was like I felt like my mother in the 80’s, no lie! I remember my mom dragging me to Avon and Mary Kay parties too. Oh the memories I have. haha!
    Anyway, basically Origami Owl is a party where the home own is a host and they invite a person that sells the product in the host home to their friends and family. See my reference might be clear now on the whole Avon/Tupperware reference. Basically you start by picking out your locket. there is all sorts of styles big and small, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver, and then you pick out your charms that you want to add into the locket.  Then your chain comes next. You can also pick out clips ( like the owl in the photo ). There is other options as well.. It’s kinda cool because it is like you are making a necklace about you… So here is what mine is about.

  • Believe Disc – Is basically my motivational word. It’s what I repeat in my head when I run and when I work out to keep me going… 
  • Dog Bone – My whole life is and has always been about the Rescue of Stray Dogs and Cats. This is one for my dog Bogey whom is a rescue himself. 
  • Anchor – Is for my Love of the Sea, The Navel Academy, and for my cousin Kevin who is currently in the Navy serving. He’s always been so motivational to me and we have always been close. I want to keep him close when he is away.  ( Thank you for Serving Kevin ) 
  • NANA – My grandmother who lost her battle to cancer in 2010.. She gave me strength and power and because of her I found my life again. She’s the reason I run. 
  • Pink Sneaker – 1: because I am a runner and 2: My grandmother was a Breast Cancer Survivor. But Lung and Pancreatic Cancer would take her away from us. 
  • Paw – For all the Kitties I have rescued and my 3 lil four paw’d Brats I have now.. I love them to pieces. 
  • Sand Dollar – My Nana loved to collect sand dollars and she used to give a necklace to everyone that touched her life a cross with a sand dollar in the middle. and it’s like a symbol of our times at Topsail Beach, NC! 
  • Owl –  Well it was cute… lol I wish there was a penguin I would of been all over that. 
     So that’s my story of my necklace.. I love it. It’s a great way to show your story… a little pricey but worth it so far! 

Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent

  So when I run.. I love listening to a Mix but there are certain things that get me pumped to beyond belief. One of which happens to be Killswitch Engage. I’ve been a fan of theirs since 1999! I have every single thing they have ever put out from the Demo up to this latest release, “Disarm The Descent”. With each record they put out I get more and more pumped as to what they will do next.

    The newest record has Jesse back on the vocals as he took over Howard’s lead when he left in early 2012. Last time I saw Jesse sing before he rejoined KSE was, if I remember correctly at Fat Cats in Springfield, Mass. So when he rejoined up I saw him sing here in NYC and I was instantly aww struck with his vocals. I was So Stoked and had to remember that I am in my 30’s and I not only shouldn’t get into the pit but I also had my camera with me! Damn it! lol! You can take a gander at my photos here… MMennona-Photography.. Anyway, he surprised the crap out of me. I was happy with his vocal changes and it was like he had grown up so much since the beginning and found himself within the lyrics and in the vocals. When I got the word they were heading back into the studio to record I was super stoked to hear what they would do to a new record and at the same time a little apprehensive as I had grown to LOVE Howard’s Vocals and stylings. I mean I LOVED Howard in general, Blood Has Been Shed was another band that rotated in my play list. So in other words, This record had me nervous as to what to expect.

     So I got the new record and I waited after a day that I downloaded it into my iTunes to actually listen to it.  I was that nervous, no joke! This morning, I decided to pop it on in my spin studio and check it out…. If it wasn’t for the bikes being around I think I would have destroyed the area! mirrors busted, bikes on their sides, and my front desk demolished. It was that AMAZING! Jesse’s voice resonated the Love and the passion he had for this in every single lyric he belted out.  I heard the passion from each and every member of KSE in every stroke of the guitar/bass and every strike of the drums! I am hooked! This is my Spring/Summer Running Soundtrack! This will be my life! ‘You Don’t Bleed For Me’ is probably one of my favorite tracks on this new LP. But I love pretty much every song! Congrats on this new record Fellas… I am proud of you guys once again! Shout out to their Management Company, Strong Management.. Two guys that have been great friends and have been nothing but amazing.. I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be an amazing year for you guys… I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you all!


Exhibit A

  My Dearest and Longest Running Bestest Friend in the world ( Yes +Jessica I am calling you out cus I love you) got me wanting a JawBone up. She talked it up like it was the Cats Meow. So after battling in my mind between the FitBit and other ‘Hey Look at me I am a healthy toy too!’ I decided to jump on that bandwagon and by one. At first Glance The JAWBONE UP looks like something you would have worn in the 80’s with your jelly bracelets and killer new Swatch Watches. And that is what I feel like! But it’s not annoying or a pain in the ass to wear. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from. (Exhibit A). Of course i chose black because after reading reviews on the colored ones I figure go with the gut.. Although I do like the Aqua Blue, Mint, and Red! I was bummed they didn’t have a bright Green or a Purple as those are my Favorite colors. I might have bent for that. But alas, It didn’t  Maybe next time?!? I like the fact that I can wear it in the shower and it’s semi moisture proof.. I just wish you could wear it swimming. Because if that was the case, I really don’t think this thing would every come off my wrist besides charging it. ( when I am sitting watching TV ) .

   Which brings me to my next point. The battery life is pretty decent if you don’t update your files every time you go out and do something ( which I find myself doing all the time to see where I am at ). Your battery should last upwards of 10 days and each time you upload your information to your phone or Ipad it tells you where your percentage of battery life is at. one cool thing I do like about it is the alarms on it.. it vibrates on your arm and it wakes you up nicely compared to a blaring alarm clock.

  The App is awesome.. You can download it to an android phone or an Iphone. It shows you your Sleep Patterns, Steps you took, you can log your work outs, you can join a challenge, challenge your friends., you can set a stop watch, alarms, power naps, you can also see your trends and lifeline as you use it more. And if your best friend is hundreds of miles away ( like mine ) you get to in a way keep up with them and their activities. It’s like you’re far away challenge but nothing will stop that!

  So in closing.. I love this little bracelet of mine. Its a nice way to keep track of your daily routines and what you do outside rather than just mileage on a watch from running. I always wanted to know how much I move through out the day. and I could only imagine what this would say if I was still working retail. oh my gosh the numbers would bust. LOL


  • simple design
  • semi waterproof
  • app is awesome
  • tracking
  • working out with friends that are far away. 
  • wish it was Bluetooth instead of having to constantly take it off to put into the headphone jack
  • wish it was more waterproof than what it is. Would love for it to calculate swimming. 
  • a way for it to calculate a SPIN class but not by wearing it on your shoe or something. 
  • wish it came in bright green or purple. 
So If I was you…. I’d go an pick one up. they retail at $129.99 at your local best buy, att&t store, and online.  If your a couponer you can get it for less. 😉 I did! 


It’s funny how if you just tweak your diet just a little bit how much can change. I decided that I am going to not eat after 5pm.. Well at least TRY! and I was kinda successful. But when I got hungry around 8 last night I ate a piece of grilled chicken that I had in the fridge. It helped kill the cravings. Hey, It was a healthy snack, right?!?!

 Spin Class was a success yesterday.. My ass and my woman area is safe and not soar.. So my husband can rejoice. LOL  It was a great class too. I felt energized after the class and stinky. But I couldn’t go home right away as I has another class at 10am I had to stay for. ( job perks ) I can’t wait to be packing out these classes and getting people in here.. so then maybe we can get a bigger studio and a dressing room area. It’s in the works but ahhhhh I can’t wait.

 Today is a run day mixed with weights and abs. thank god for 5hr energy some days..I really need to work on my sleep pattern. I have a dog that sleeps right at my ass every night because yes, I spoil him! Then I have a husband that is a living, breathing, working furnace that as soon as he lays beside me I burn up.. I like a cool room with air flow. But that is because I have sinus issues and can never breath. Thanks Family Traits! May I have some More!..errrr maybe not!

Oh My Gosh am I Tired this morning!!!!

Spin Bikes, The Devil?

 So something intimidates me about these bikes… It’s not the people that ride them or the instructors. I just think its my general fear of a “Bike”. I’ve never been a fan of bikes for some reason or another. I mean, I had them. My first bike was a Strawberry Short Cake Bike with a SWEET Banana Seat and how could I forget the Cute little Basket in the front! I was Styling in 1983! Then through the years I had the mountain bike and then in college I had a BMX.. but even with all of those I still hated the bike. The Bike was evil to me.. Either that or I just preferred to be more in control of my life. Maybe that was the sign as to why I am the way I am… I don’t like to drink for the fear of being out of control. I don’t do drugs for the fear of being out of control and I just in general don’t do things that make me feel as though I am out of control. What is wrong with me!!! ‘LOL’ But I am in control of these bikes. I make my ride. I decide if I want to go hard or go home. I am the one that pushes myself up the imaginary hill take that sprint to the finish line and make my body work for it. So how can I be intimidated by these so called “Indoor Cycling Bikes”!!!!

Exhibit A!!

Exhibit A: is one reason. Have you ever Sat on one of these bikes for an hour a day! I get off this bike and I feel like everything wrong has happened to my lady parts!!! I have begun to walk like a cowboy. My husband looks at me like I am nuts when I go, “not tonight”! Let me tell ya it’s one way to ruin your sex life for a good month until you get used to it. Every Bone in your area is yelling at you… “Why on Why would you do this to us!!! Damn you Woman” and I totally have the voice of Stewy going through my head when I say this to myself in my head! But there is a purpose. To get fit! To get my endurance up for running.. To get rid of that last 60 lbs I need to do away with. To be able to run a Half Mary with out stopping.. To have a NICE ASS!!! to have a KILLER CORE!!! I got this….  I swear I do…  My Brain Says Yes, My Vagina says WHAT IN THE HELL!!!

So as I creep Closer to the bike and get back into it.. I hope my Husband is okay with the Caution tape for the next month! July’s right around the corner and damn it I WANT A BIKINI for the first time since high school!!! I got this…. *bites lip*