Monthly Archives: March 2013

Back to Basics

Allstate 5K & Half Marathon

  So I ran the 5K Again this March to mark my one year anniversary of me getting off my ass and moving. Since then I have lost close to 70 lbs and have ran several races including the Tower Of Terror 10 miler by Run Disney. It’s been a long, hard, and tiring journey needless to say. I still fight with myself to get up and get motivated to run. I don’t know why that is? It gets frustrating to the point where I would give up.. But April 1st starts a new me because I have to get out of this slump.

  Back in January I got let go of my job that I had worked for for 12 years. I mean grant it, it was on my to do list to get a new job this year but I wasn’t expecting that quick of a change! But Thankfully I found something that I am pretty happy about. After Hurricane Sandy hit, I started a drive at my previous employer and met some amazing people that I delivered the goods too. Right after I got laid off I found that those same people were opening a Spin Studio in my neighborhood. I had asked if they needed any help and the owner hired me on the spot. No interview, no resume, just Karma. I guess good things do happen to those who do good. Well for me, FINALLY! I didn’t have to many shirts left on my back to give. Honestly I cant thank them enough.

 So that leads me back to April 1st.  New Goals, New Lifestyle, New Changes are a coming.  So now I am about to take up spin 3 days a week and will be running 3 days a week. AHHHHHH! The last couple of times that I did Spin my Knees did not like it! I was set up right and everything! But my knees, they are a whole other story! Bad since I was 16! But I’ve gotta push through and work through it. I have another 50 – 60 lbs that I need to loose! Damn it, I wanna be in a bikini!!! So here we are it’s April 1st tomorrow and I have until the end of july to loose at least 50lbs. I can do it!!! I know I can…

Zombie Jesus Day!

     I’ve never been one for this holiday.. It always reminds me that I am a couple of days closer to being a year older! eek! Plus, I feel as though the Easter Bunny is evil like those sick twisted Clowns that I hate.
 Anyway, so I am starting this blog because I need somewhere to vent and share my runs with and let everything that boggles my mind out. I’ve been really bad about posting on these things before but I have been getting kinda bummed out with the whole facebook thing and certain people. So I’m going to be pulling myself up and away from the situation for a while.